The Turbonomic Journey Starts Now!

It’s been an exciting week as you may have been able to guess. Today we officially announced the rebranding of Turbonomic to our new company name: Turbonomic.

Not only is this a very well-timed change for us, but it really is the start of a very important journey into what’s next.  Both for us as an organization, and for the industry at large.

Wait, what happened to Turbonomic?

The very same goodness that brought the name Turbonomic to 1500+ data center and cloud environments was always much more than something that should have been VM…which actually stood for Virtualization Management, not Virtual Machine.  The association with VM became something that we realized was limiting because the world is moving on from the VM construct, and we have always known that since we built the platform.

As an OpenStack advocate, I was bringing our platform to OpenStack customers for the past 2 years. We are rocking the container world with the same ability to assure performance for containers like Docker and Rocket, plus the PaaS stuff that we have been providing for Cloud Foundry is, as the Boston locals like to say, wicked cool!  Then we even lean farther forward and provide our economic scheduling capability to Kubernetes and Mesosphere.  Of course, we also do the same for Microsoft platforms, VMware platforms, Red Hat, Xen and much more.

Turbonomic is the culmination of a brand that delivers an autonomic, real-time platform using economic principles to assure application performance for any application on any infrastructure. That pretty much explains why the VM part of Turbonomic isn’t what we are attached to.

If you want to find out any more, you can always find out anything you’d like by contacting me at eric (DOT) wright {AT} turbonomic |DOT| com which is my new company email. You can also find me over at the Green Circle.

Turbonomic and TechForward at VMworld

On August 16th, rather symbolically, the Riviera casino was imploded in a planned demolition. It comes down the same day that we relaunch our brand and prepare to head to Las Vegas for VMworld to be in booth 1139.

There is a tonne of great content to take in at VMworld. I’m talking a metric tonne too, not just a short ton. I hope that you will join me for some of my really fun booth presentations which are listed on the schedule by clicking this nifty image:


I’m also launching the first of the TechForward series of sessions at VMworld. The content is listed at where you can sign up using EventBrite and add to your calendar. I would love it if you come out and lean with me all about Kubernetes, Mesosphere DC/OS and OpenStack.


There will also be long-form, interactive webinars in the fall which will be hosted by Turbonomic for free to let you spin up some labs and learn how to use these emerging technologies.  Stay tuned and bookmark to make sure you get all the latest news as we launch that program.

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting the community. It’s an exciting day. See you in Vegas!!

You can read the official press release about our rebranding and other announcements here!

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