Interop, RapidMatter, and Mentoring

Interop 2018

This year at Interop will be exciting as usual with a number of events focused on community collaboration in and out of the technology ecosystem.

Tuesday and Wednesday will feature a 5km (3 mile) #vFit fun run.

Tuesday run:
Wednesday run:

There are also two blocks of time which are Ask the Expert sessions hosted by me and a group of incredible technology community mentors. The mentoring sessions are happening on Wednesday and Thursday from Noon to 2:30 on site in Booth 619 in the Business Hall.

There is no cost to the session as it’s included in your Interop pass. Thank you to the team at UBM and all who make Interop possible, for all of the continued support of our technology community.

Wednesday Ask the Expert Session:
Thursday Ask the Expert Session:

Sign up for your individual session here: Ask the Expert Signup Form

RapidMatter and MentorConnection

Mentoring is, and has been, a powerful contributor to successful changes in my life. This is something that has always been important both as a recipient of mentoring (aka mentee)

Being in a mentoring program requires a strong commitment from both parties involved. As a mentor, you’re contributing your time and providing guidance, feedback, and sometimes difficult advice. As a mentee, you commit to taking in that advice and also to act on it even where you may not have done such tasks or taken such an approach in the past.

To quote Ray Dalio from his book, Principles (a must-read book IMHO):

Are you willing to fight to find out what’s true?
Do you deeply believe that finding out what’s true is essential for your well-being?
Do you have a genuine need to find out if you or others are doing something wrong that stands in the way of achieving your goals?

If your answer to any of these is no, accept that you will never live up to your potential.

If, on the other hand, you’re up for the challenge of becoming radically open minded, the first step in doing this, is to look at yourself objectively.

This is the reason that RapidMatter is launching the start of the MentorConnection program. This is the first phase of the platform and it begins with our very own community connections who we are bringing together through RapidMatter to increase the success and the accessibility of mentoring and finding a mentor within technology. And that is just the start.

I recorded episode 54 of the GC On-Demand podcast on the subject and I hope that this is something that strikes a chord with folks in the community

If you’re keen to be a part of this program, either as a mentor, or a mentee, or even just to stay informed on the progress, please visit to sign up for notifications. There are going to be some exciting opportunities to build and leverage this community platform.

Look for more exciting news and sign up to stay in touch!

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    • Yes indeed, Travis! It will be part of the platform. I’ll adjust the phrasing to make sure that’s apparent. Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely meant to bring folks into the program looking to be a mentee.


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