Podcast Episode 164 Darin Haener of FermentAble on the Science of Brewing and Bootstrapping a Startup

Darin Haener is the President and Co-Founder at FermentAble LLC. FermentAble was created by a professional brewer who experienced first hand how frustrating it is to manage a brewery’s day-to-day operations.   We explore the science of brewing, how being in the brewing industry drew Darin to solve the problem FermentAble solves, and lots of lessons … Read more

Podcast Episode 187 Tony D’Urso on Vision, Values, and Business Growth

Tony D’Urso is the host of The Tony D’Urso show on the VoiceAmerica Influencers channel. This show highlights successful entrepreneurs and humanitarian endeavors as well as the noteworthy career achievements of others. The Tony D’Urso Show was born from a combination of his previous two series, Revenue Chat Radio and The Spotlight with Tony D’Urso.  We discuss how Tony motivates … Read more

Podcast Episode 186 Evan Cummack and Savvy Peterson on Optimizing Human and Business Potential

Evan Cummack is the CEO of Fin, a company aiming to shape the future of work, founded by former Facebook VP Sam Lessin and Venmo Co-Founder Andrew Kortina. Prior to Fin, Evan was a General Manager at Twilio where he joined in 2011 as one of the company’s early employees and helped to shape the … Read more

Podcast Episode 185 Emily Jillette on Philanthropy, and Balancing a Life with Purpose

Emily Jillette is a mom of two, wife, producer, and philanthropist. She has been involved in philanthropic work from her home in Las Vegas and continues to be an active local voice and contributor to many important charities and groups. When she’s not busy with producing great film and TV work, she’s also heavily involved in … Read more