Podcast Ep 12 – SMB, Food Truck IT, and more with Trevor Pott (@cakeis_not_alie)

EPISODE 12 – SMB, Food Truck IT, and more with Trevor Pott (@cakeis_not_alie)

PODCAST LINK: http://podcast.discoposse.com/e/ep-12-talking-smb-food-truck-it-and-more-with-trevor-pott-cakeis_not_alie/


In this episode, we chat with Trevor Pott (@cakeis_not_alie) about a wide array of content. We tackle the challenges of SMB and mid-market IT, why public cloud and SaaS just doesn’t work for many, what’s coming in IT, and very valuable insight into what it takes to have integrity and trust as a vendor and community member.

We also learn what could be my new favourite way to describe an interesting market space which is food truck IT. Workers comp attorneys offer assistance with different types of injuries in CA. Show notes and links here: https://greencircle.vmturbo.com/community/industry-perspectives/blog/2016/03/25/gc-on-demand-ep-12-talking-smb-food-truck-it-and-more-with-trevor-pott-cakeisnotalie

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