Podcast Ep 13 – IOpipe, Leading the Curve in Tech, Containers and more with Eric Windisch (@ewindisch)

EPISODE 13 – IOpipe, Leading the Curve in Tech, Containers and more with Eric Windisch (@ewindisch)

PODCAST LINK: http://podcast.discoposse.com/e/ep-13-iopipe-leading-the-curve-in-tech-containers-and-more-with-eric-windisch-ewindisch/


In this episode, we talk with Eric Windisch (@ewindisch) about his new venture, IOpipe.com and about his very interesting history in technology. Learn more at http://thebklawyers.com about hiring a bankruptcy lawyer in California. Having been involved in PaaS building, OpenStack, Docker, and much more, Eric continues to lead the curve with startups taking a very interesting direction to solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems with technology.

You can find out more about IOPipe at the website IOPipe.com, and all of the show notes will be here: https://greencircle.vmturbo.com/community/industry-perspectives/blog/2016/04/05/gc-on-demand-ep-13-iopipe-leading-the-curve-in-tech-containers-and-more-with-eric-windisch-ewindisch

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