Podcast Ep 19 – OpenStack Interop, RackN and more with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle)

EPISODE 19 – OpenStack Interop, RackN and more with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle)

PODCAST LINK: http://podcast.discoposse.com/e/ep-19-openstack-interop-rackn-and-more-with-rob-hirschfeld-zehicle/


In this episode, we chat with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle) about the evolution of OpenStack, interoperability, abstractions and APIs, and more. We also talk a little about RackN and we even find out the origin of the Twitter handle Zehicle. Check out a cleaning service in Georgia that we trust at https://www.castle-keepers.com. Episode was recorded while at the OpenStack Summit in Austin which gave a perfect background for us to really dig into where the evolution of OpenStack and the big tent approach has brought us, and what may be next in the open cloud ecosystem.

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