Free Download – DevOps Automation with Terraform and VMware

Content planning for 2020 is underway and I realized that it’s a good time to share the recent O’Reilly report that I had done in 2019 here with folks.  DevOps may seem a long way off, but the methods of automating your infrastructure creation in order to enable better DevOps practices is not.  Even VMware environments are seeing the benefits of automation whether it’s DevOps as the ultimate goal or not.

My O’Reilly book DevOps Automation with Terraform and VMware is like the culmination of all my loves.  It’s about simplifying with automation, using Terraform to easily provision infrastructure, and it is a based in a VMware environment which I had a lot of requests about.  As a long-time VMware vExpert and lover of the VMware ecosystem, this was really fun to make.

You can download the book by clicking the link here to go to where it’s hosted at the Turbonomic website, or by clicking the image of the cover below.  I hope that you enjoy the book and find it helpful. It’s just a small step in your automation journey, but in just under 26 pages, you’ll hopefully find some gems that get you to love Terraform and automation as much as I do!

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