Podcast Episode 129 – Unlocking the Power of All Your Data with GraphQL by Hasura

Rajoshi Ghosh and Tanmai Gopal are the co-founders of Hasura.  Their aim is to instantly make your data accessible over GraphQL and are doing so with a very interesting platform, and approach.  

We explore how to build and nurture a strong open source community, the power of “we” in technology, and how to both create commercial value and open communities successfully.  

What will really make this fun for you is how diverse their backgrounds are and what lessons they share in this dynamic and fun discussion. 

Enjoy the conversation and make sure to connect with Rajoshi and Tanmai and follow the Hasura team as the grow.

Rajoshi Ghosh on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajoshighosh/ 

Tanmai Gopal on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanmaig/ 

Visit Hasura on the web:  https://hasura.io 

Follow Hasura on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hasurahq 

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

Listen to the episode here: https://discopossepodcast.com/episode-129-unlocking-the-power-of-all-your-data-with-graphql-by-hasura/

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Podcast Episode 129 -Unlocking the Power of All Your Data with GraphQL by Hasura

PODCAST LINK: https://discopossepodcast.com/episode-129-unlocking-the-power-of-all-your-data-with-graphql-by-hasura/

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