Podcast Episode 125 Why Motivation and Understanding Yourself Creates Positive Change, with Don W Long

Don W Long is a best selling author, speaker, and peak performance consultant.  Don’s storied background in business came to a head at a fateful time which brought a renewed focus and led to his new focus on motivation and helping others create opportunity, wealth, and better themselves.  We explore Don’s approach to business, personal growth, and the story of the most difficult time he experienced that triggered a turnaround and started the path to a new future. 

You will definitely come away from this conversation inspired and ready to put new steps into motion for yourself and others.  

Check out Don’s books and online courses here:  https://www.donwlong.com/products 

Book Don to speak and see some of his keynote content here:  https://www.donwlong.com/speaking 

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Podcast Episode 125 – Why Motivation and Understanding Yourself Create Positive Change, with Don W Long

PODCAST LINK: https://discopossepodcast.com/episode-125-why-motivation-and-understanding-yourself-create-positive-change-with-don-w-long/

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