What a ride – Tour of Qatar Stage 3

I found this from a tweet by @taylorphinney and it really brought back some great memories of racing. The season is approaching, and my training is at absolute zero so I have a huge respect for the riding happening here. Looking forward to hitting the streets soon once I unpack my bike in March. The … Read more



This one is for @nickbeaulieu  One of my favorite characters from an animated film. My rule of thumb is that you can never go wrong if there is a monkey involved. Reminiscent of the monkey from Our Gang (aka The Little Rascals) for those of you who can remember that far back (which I am embarrased to … Read more

The Ironman Spirit

A couple of stunning examples of spirit and strength that illustrate the incredible will of an Ironman triathlete. I would love to be able to be there someday. To be humbled by it all and to put my body, mind and soul to the ultimate personal test. Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham fighting for 4th … Read more

Second prize – a set of steak knives

I’m not here from Mitch and Murray, but take heed in what has been said. Whether your business is online or brick and mortar, it will follow the same rules. There is very little middle ground in the online entrepreneurship game. Aside from being one of my favorite roles ever played by Alec Baldwin, his … Read more