Welcome to everyone who has found me here! If you have come to see what the “” came from due to my email address change then have a look around and I hope you come back regularly. Lot’s of changes have been happening and you will see more action here over the coming days. Sometimes … Read more

What do you see in an Ironman?

One day I was on the bus travelling to work in Toronto. It was the usual process of eyes down, music playing and sinking into my own head as most people do on the bus. This time though something was different. A number of people kept looking up and staring at one of the passengers. … Read more

Counting down to Toronto

So for those who didn’t already know, I’m from Toronto. After a 4 year stay in Vancouver I have to move back for personal and family reasons. It’s down to the final days as I pack and get ready to go. For those who know me in Vancouver I hope to catch up before I … Read more