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Loose coupling – Winning strategy for hardware, software and processes

With all of the SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) and SDN (Software Defined Networking) coming into the fore these days, it is good to take a look at exactly why it is getting serious focus, and what particular qualities make it a winning strategy. I’ve mentioned the term loosely coupled systems among my peers for quite a while, and it has …

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Installation versus Implementation

We have all gotten the pitch from the vendor: “you will be up and running in under 1 hour”. It varies in length, but the concept is the same most times. The idea that you go from CD or a download, to production in a minimal amount of time. What you will quickly learn is that there is a significant …

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What is inside your toolbox?

Everybody had a stock set of tools that they use to do their day to day work. Whether it is your hammer and screwdriver, or your guitar and strings, or even your WYSIWYG editor and OS. Today I thought I would share my key tools that I use to do my day to day work in and out of the …