Is OpenStack a cloud? Thoughts on Subbu Allamaraju’s post

As you may have seen from Tweets floating around today, there was an interesting post written by Subbu Allamaraju, Chief Engineer for the cloud program at eBay, titled “OpenStack is not cloud” –¬† This article brings up some very interesting questions about how we define the litmus test for a cloud, and how OpenStack is … Read more

Veeam Cloud Backup – Another Great Way to Protect with Veeam!

For current and potential customers of Veeam Backup & Replication, there is a new sheriff in town! Thanks to the awesome folks at Veeam Software, they are introducing the new Veeam Backup Cloud Edition. Why Cloud Backup? The advantage to using Veeam Backup Cloud Edition is that you can leverage numerous cloud storage services (15 … Read more