OpenStack Havana All-in-One Lab: Booting your first Nova instance

In the first post (OpenStack Havana All-in-One Lab on VMware Workstation) we built our VM which is running OpenStack Havana from the standard repository on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server using the handy dandy DiscoPosse Github script repo: As promised, we need to not just get it running, but to actually test it out and learn … Read more

OpenStack Lab on VMware Workstation – Adding Cinder volume features

Now that we have our OpenStack lab up and running, we want to click around and kick the tires on all of the features. One of the first things that we will find is that the All-In-One is really an “almost” All-In-One. What I mean by that, is that there are services available which aren’t … Read more

OpenStack Lab on VMware Workstation – Getting Started

One of the hot topics these days is OpenStack. When I say hot topic, I should really say that it’s a fast-growing ecosystem which has been, and will continue to gain traction in the cloud infrastructure world. What makes OpenStack very interesting to me, and to many others in the virtualization community is that it can … Read more

Portable Lab – The DiscoPosse mobile VMware Workstation

One of the best ways to gain knowledge and to test drive software and configurations is to have a virtual lab. This isn’t really big news of course, but for many newcomers to Systems Administration and virtualization it can be difficult to find resources to build an effective lab. Luckily, with VMware Workstation, or VMware Fusion for OSX … Read more