The Cloudistics Turbine Acceleration Approach

It’s not often that storage gets exciting. We have seen a lot of interesting disruptions in the storage field over the last couple of years with new hardware, and new software, which is designed to take the ever-present storage environment to the next level. As flash inside the primary array became a common approach to … Read more

Don’t Throw out that Spinning Disk Purchase Order Yet

Wait, what? Isn’t Flash the only future? Isn’t cloud-native the only way to develop applications? Isn’t [future of IT product] the only real solution? It’s time for a quick little health check on the IT ecosystem. Before we start, I have to admit that I do lean forward with regards to technology. The reason is … Read more

Taking on your storage situation with CloudPhysics – new Storage Analytics release!

What’s one of the most common things we see as virtualization admins is the classic performance issues which lead many to say “It must be a problem with the SAN”. The black-box feel of the storage layer can often be a blame destination when there undetermined performance problems. The CloudPhysics way: Products powered by you! … Read more

Tech Field Day VFD3 – Pure Storage and the all-flash revolution

As we close out our first day of presentations here at Virtualization Field Day 3, we are at the office of Pure Storage in Mountain View. Pure Storage is a really neat company for a number of reasons. Their all-flash array is a product that is not an evolution of an existing product which was … Read more