Introduction to OpenStack on Pluralsight is live!

There are many celebrations happening today with Canada Day being one of them. It is with lots of joy as a Canadian that I also get to have my own proud moment because of the launch of my recently authored Introduction to OpenStack on Pluralsight! Introduction to OpenStack The course is designed to target those … Read more

OpenStack Speaking Spot at Cloud Expo 2014 in NYC

Conference season is upon us! For many of my friends in the IT community it’s a regular occurrence to take part in technology conferences. I am an oddity in a way because I am actually a customer rather than a vendor, so any of the work that I’m doing here at and at other … Read more

Coming soon: Introduction to OpenStack on Pluralsight

This year just keeps getting more and more exciting for me, and I am proud to announce today that I am working with the team at Pluralsight to bring more content to my audience in a new way! First, I need to thank all of you for what you’ve done to bring this opportunity. As … Read more

My Media List: December 2013

One of the interesting things I saw recently, was a post about people sharing their media list. This could be books, music, movies or any type of content that they are using at the moment to advance themselves, or just for pure enjoyment. I thought this was a great concept as a big fan of … Read more