Rancher Part 2:  Adding a Docker Host to Rancher

Now that we’ve gotten Rancher up and running from our first post, it’s time to take the next steps and configure our first host. We are going to run Rancher pointing to the same host that we are running Rancher on. That may seem like some sort of Docker inception thing, and definitely not the … Read more

Rancher Part 1:  Installing Rancher and Setting Access Control

If you’re looking towards running Docker, and want a good way to use it with orchestration and a nifty UI, then a great place to get started is by using Rancher. For those who aren’t already familiar, Rancher and RancherOS are two very cool projects that allow a thin OS to easily spin up and … Read more

Taking a DNS Domain for a Drive on AWS Route53

Every once in a while I revisit a lot of the IT assets I’ve got on the go. I use GoDaddy for a lot of my domain services, and despite some challenges, it has done me well so far. One of the things that I do find limiting is the lack of a programmatic way … Read more

Introducing the Cloud-Monolithic Computing Foundation

Raise your hands if you started the virtualization journey using oversized virtual machines <raises hand>. Let’s face it, we are in the process of making the same mistakes in the cloud that we did with early virtualization. It’s ok. As many of the world’s leading open source and closed source traditional vendors lean forward to … Read more