Introducing the Cloud-Monolithic Computing Foundation

Raise your hands if you started the virtualization journey using oversized virtual machines <raises hand>. Let’s face it, we are in the process of making the same mistakes in the cloud that we did with early virtualization. It’s ok. As many of the world’s leading open source and closed source traditional vendors lean forward to … Read more

AWS Dedicated – Reducing Noisy Neighbors and More

It’s pretty interesting to see the back and forth as folks discuss the merits of cloud over bare-metal, and vice versa. Something signaled a real nod to the value of bare-metal as a valuable asset in the cloud was the recent announcement that AWS will be offering dedicated EC2 hosts. If AWS is the be-all … Read more

Thinking Like the Bad Actors and Prioritizing Security

Assume you’ve been breached. Period. The reason that I start there is because I’ve learned from practice, that we have to work on the assumption that we have had our systems violated in one way or another. The reason that this is important is that we have to start with a mindset to both discover … Read more

Adding Yourself to Your Own Twitter Lists

This may seem like a rather simple task, but apparently it is one that the team at Twitter in charge of the web UI decided wasn’t needed. I was creating a Twitter list for the #vDM30in30 group and realized that I was unable to add myself to the list. Huh?! First, let’s start with why … Read more