Unable to use VeeamZip with VMware Free Hypervisor: Understanding Why

This week a question was posed to me from a fellow VMUG community member. The question asked was whether it was possible to use VeeamZip (aka Veeam Backup Free Edition) with the VMware ESXi Free Hypervisor. Great question. Let’s start with the unfortunate answer, which is…no. Not the answer we would like to see, but the … Read more

Belt and Suspenders: When one tool is not enough

There has always been a drive in the software and infrastructure environment to find the ultimate single tool that achieves everything you need. It is truly the Holy Grail of the IT industry and much like the Holy Grail, it remains an unreachable goal for most organizations; but that’s OK. Enter the Portal As the … Read more

Welcome Veeam to the DiscoPosse!

Please join me in welcoming Veeam Software (http://www.veeam.com) as a sponsor to the DiscoPosse website. I’ve been working with the Veeam products in my lab as well as using the Veeam Backup Free Edition for production backups and cross-datacenter migrations which has really impressed me with its great features and ease of use. For those … Read more