iPowerShell – Your handy iOS companion for the PowerShell user

As a regular PowerShell user, I like to draw on useful resources to get quick information to make the scripting experience as pleasant and productive as possible. While I use the Microsoft TechNet documentation as my most common source of documentation for the MS related PowerShell CmdLets, it’s nice to have something portable, searchable and versatile.

Enter iPowerShell from SAPIEN Technologies. Although I’m usually on a computer with a full browser nearby, I often like to make use of this tool both while in the office, and while I’m on the road thinking of PowerShell techniques and researching best methods. The iOS application is easy to navigate and very handy as a reference.

In the CmdLets screen, you can scroll through the different available CmdLets for a variety of different PowerShell modules including Windows, Exchange, Group Policy, IIS, PowerCLI and Quest ActiveRoles.

Tap a topic and you get the detailed view of that CmdLet.



Switch over to the Aliases screen to see a quick view of the short codes available for CmdLets. While I still try to stick to full naming for readability and to be more self-explanatory, aliases are handy tools to have available.



In the Providers screen you can view the available modules and some examples within each to describe different CmdLets that are available in each context.



Under the AboutHelp screen you can view the about_topic help items.


It’s a good pocket reference tool that I’ve enjoyed, and I hope that you may gain some value from it.

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