PowerCLI 11.0 is Out – Easy Update and Features Galore!

PowerCLI fans unite and celebrate as the launch of the latest edition is now public.¬† If you’re a reader of my blog then there is a good chance you probably found me from PowerShell or PowerCLI¬† content which also is a hint of much more to come in the next while. The first thing you … Read more

Installing PowerCLI 6.5.x on Windows Server 2012 R2 after Find-Module Error

Now that PowerCLI is part of the PowerShell Gallery, you can install it using the native module installer…but there’s a catch. Windows Server 2012 R2 requires a couple of minor updates to get this process underway. You’ll know really quickly if you open up your PowerShell terminal or PowerShell ISE (as Administrator) and try the … Read more

Running PowerShell Core using Docker

More and more of the Microsoft ecosystem is making its way into open source platforms. One of the very interesting products coming from the Microsoft camp lately is the PowerShell Core platform which is now ported to run on multiple underlying operating system environments. I covered the process to install the Mac OSX version which … Read more

Something’s going to happen, something wonderful: Nutanix OS 4.0 is here!

There is a pretty general plan that a successful startup will follow: Do something original Make it amazing Keep it amazing as you grow Add more features by listening to your customers to make it more amazing Repeat If you don’t already know about Nutanix, you need to get up to speed on what they … Read more