DiscoPosse Review: Cloud Architecture Patterns – Bill Wilder

This book is a great read for any Systems Developer, Systems Admin and technology lover alike. Bill Wilder has presented a great level of detail which could be regarded as 101 to 301 all in the same guide.

The book does require understanding of cloud services and general concepts but as the chapters follow a very natural flow you will find the ramp up of terms and concepts, and the cadence of the writing to be well placed.

What I really liked about how Bill approached the topics was with as much of a vendor agnostic delivery with specific references to related technologies and different vendors for each approach.

Much like I approach the idea of “cloud”, it is brought to you as concepts and methodologies with examples. Cloud is a design, and Cloud Architecture Patterns does a really great job in my opinion to bring those methods to the reader. Highly recommended read. Great job Bill Wilder and thanks again O’Reilly Media!

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