DiscoPosse Review: iOS 6 Programming Cookbook – Vandad Nahavandipoor


One word review: Complete.

The iOS 6 Programming Cookbook by Vandad Nahavandipoor from O’Reilly Publishing is not just a cookbook, but a full end-to-end recipe guide for every aspect of iOS application development for iPhone and iPad using Xcode from Apple.

The audience is definitely developers. As a system admin with some dabbling in development along the way, I found that the subject matter was deep almost immediately. That being said though, I’ve been able to use the guide to develop a couple of sample apps and I plan to continue working on it.

If mobile app development is on your radar, then this book is right in your wheelhouse. Vandad provides detailed code samples, clear and concise solutions and a well organized set of recipes to touch on every imaginable component of the iOS ecosystem.

As a straight read, and as a reference, I would definitely recommend this book. Thanks again O’Reilly for another excellent product!

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