Toronto VMUG: May 23rd, 2013 Event Recap and Private Cloud Presentation

It was a beautiful sunny morning in Toronto and a great day for a VMUG meeting! May 23rd brought the first VMUG meeting of the spring here and the audience showed that they were ready to show some community love today.

There were two great vendors here for the session which were Tintri and Veeam, followed by yours truly with my presentation titled Private Cloud – Going from Lab to Live.

The audience was a great size, Angelo Luciani put together a great day for us and we also had Mike Preston ( in attendance so it was a great opportunity to chat and we had a great lunch afterwards.

VMware Horizon Workspace with Mike Bujara

Mike from VMware did a great preview of the VMware Horizon Workspace for us. The awesome part of it was that he did the connection tethered from an iPhone which tells you the kind of flexibility that this great product suite gives you.

I’ve been lucky enough to lab the VMware Horizon suite and I can tell you that it is a phenomenal product. Licensing is another beast altogether, but the feature set that is offered with the latest iteration is pretty amazing and you will find that it is a great way to extend your corporate infrastructure to your staff through mobile devices, VPN remote deployments and maybe even full desktop replacement in the office. Pretty cool technology all around.

Tintri – Storage Presentation

Tintri-logoTintri brought the thunder today. One of the first employees at Tintri, Rex flew in from California and he knew how to read the audience well. Right out of the gate the presentation went to real performance management techniques and the myths about IOPS and the effect on overall performance.

We don’t often get a chance to dive deep with presenters, so this was nice that the audience was able to get some great questions answered and I can safely say that we all learned some great information about storage, flash and I/O performance as a result.

Veeam – Tales from the Field: Don’t let this happen to your VMs

corp_logoThe Veeam team did another great job with a presentation about the Veeam Backup and Replication suite and the other great Veeam tools such as Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots and Veeam Explorer for Exchange.

Even more exciting are the new features that are coming out with V7.0 that is due out around the time of VMworld San Francisco so make sure that you will be very pleased with. Follow along with the announcements as they come out here:

Demo time was in order and Mario from Veeam showed us a live session where he was able to restore Exchange objects, Active Directory objects and full servers using backup instances. All of which was done in a matter of minutes. The product performance speaks for itself really, but if you haven’t had a chance to see it, you can view the v7 webinars or reach out to the team through the website by clicking on the banner to the right of the page.

My Presentation on Private Cloud – Going from Lab to Live

The goal of this presentation is to summarize various cloud infrastructure deployments, and to concentrate on starting with a cloud labs with the goal of being able to move towards new processes and developing a cloudy way to manage your virtualization environment.

The slide deck alone doesn’t quite convey the full impact unfortunately, but I hope that the general theme comes through. I hope to put my presentation together with a full audio overlay to fully deliver the content as it was meant.

If you have any questions or comments on the presentation or content, you can find me on Twitter @DiscoPosse or email to eric at discoposse dot com.

Thank you very much to Angelo Luciani, Mike Preston, the VMUG community and to everyone who helps to bring these events together.

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