Infinio’s Big News: Welcome to Scott Davis as CTO!

infinio-logoThere are a few times that I’ve been able to look behind the curtain while big changes were afoot, and I can say that this was one of those very exciting moments. As you will see from my post over at ( Scott Davis, former VMware CTO, has moved on from VMware to join Infinio System as their new CTO.

Accelerated Workloads and Accelerated Business Plans

Further to the interview that was posted at, I spent a little more time with Scott talking about much of his work at VMware, and how he views the industry as a whole. Scott is a strategic leader with a proven track record and it shows as he walks me through his thought process on the next steps for his career with Infinio.

More of My Conversation with Scott Davis

scott-davis-twitterQuestion: What will be the first thing that you will be doing at Infinio?

Scott: My goal is to be concentrating on far out things. The near term is about defining what we are building next, and the goal is to have our next generation product soon. We have 4 or 5 alternatives in play but we always work on building the best features next. We are talking with our current customers to find out what they really need. Optimizing our engineering resources is key and we have a short term and long term vision that are similar.

Question: I’m really a big fan of the customer-driver versus competition-driven focus at Infinio. How does this come into play with what’s next?

Scott: Infinio is looking at the specific customer solution that enhances what Infinio has done. VDI is definitely a target for us.

Question: Will we see partnerships with flash hardware vendors and Infinio?

Scott: There is certainly potential and some conversations have happened. We are using server resources which are abundant. That sets us apart from other products and vendors.

Question: What is the view of the next 12-18 months in the storage industry?

Scott: Flash is a key building block. Data persistence with spinning disk is a magnitude slower than any flash alternative. Using memory and flash si going to be the hot space as we move forward.

My Thoughts on What’s Next

I can simply say this: keep your eyes on this company. There are some disruptive technologies, and disruptive individuals who can lead towards innovative changes. Bringing Scott on board at Infinio has the potential to be the ideal step to launch Infinio towards something even bigger than they have done already.

Growing a business around innovation is a challenge, and given the history with the founders of Infinio, and with Scott, I will be keenly watching as it comes together.


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