VDI in the Real World – Live Web Session Wednesday June 11th @ 2PM Eastern

Just in case you missed any of the earlier announcements over Twitter, I wanted to be sure to extend the invitation to everyone to come and join me for an exciting panel discussion on VDI in the Real World presented by The Register


Since every year seems to be the “Year of VDI” (said with tongue in cheek of course), it seems absolutely important that we create a dialogue around why VDI is always here, and always coming. Just why is it so challenging to deploy and manage a VDI environment?

Expert Panelists to Answer Your Questions

We have a power packed panel including

This should be a fun and lively discussion. There will be interactive questions being asked throughout, and we hope to introduce the viewers to some of the common wins and pitfalls of deploying a VDI infrastructure in your environment.

Here is our article on The Register to give some info on the session, and as you will see from quotes like this, it will be a valuable session for sure!

VDI deployments are undertaken with great fanfare and hype, but never seem to deliver on the promise. 

Make sure to join in, and I hope to chat with you on the session. I’m humbled to be among these great panelists and I am excited about being able to present some great information to help you on your journey to embracing a VDI solution in your organization.

Thank you very much to Trevor Pott (@cakeis_not_alie) for putting this together and for hosting the event!




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