vBrownBag at OpenStack Summit in Paris

Among all the awesomeness happening at the OpenStack Summit in Paris, we have a great program of events with the vBrownBag community here. If you don’t already know the vBrownBag, you need to dig in on that because it is absolutely one of the best groups of people, and most powerful content pool I’ve been able to be a part of.

Having grown up among this great community over the last couple of years, I am particularly proud and humbled to be able to support the team here led out by Alastair Cooke, along with Emad Younis, and Damian Karlson who make up the team for the event. I was also a part of the support team at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta earlier this year, so being able to double down on community and OpenStack is particularly fun for me!

What is vBrownBag Doing at the OpenStack Summit?

First of all, you should bookmark this page: http://openstack.prov12n.com/vbrownbag-techtalk-schedule-at-openstack-summit-paris-2/

The OpenStack Summit produces some really great full-length sessions as a part of the full show schedule, but many of the companies and community contributors who are here may not have been able to have their proposed talks included in the schedule. This is where vBrownBag comes to the rescue!

We have a series of 10-12 minute “Tech Talk” sessions running Monday to Wednesday here in Paris, and as you can see from the schedule link above, they are also published on YouTube for continuous consumption after the event. How cool is that?!

The advantage with the Tech Talks is that we can see some great technology, new way to do things, products that we may not have had a chance to be introduced to normally, and much more. The 10 minute format makes for some quick, concise delivery, and is just the right size to give information to see if they what to investigate more.

Highlights from Day 1

There are some really great sessions here, and although it’s difficult to pick any of them out over the others, I was really interested in a couple that I saw here while running the recordings.

VDI in OpenStack with Gary Xia

I like the direction that this could go, and although it’s early on for VDI on OpenStack, I really feel this could begin a strong area of adoption that could also drive big VDI vendors to contribute to the OpenStack ecosystem.

Adopt Triple-O Tools for Your Own Project

Automation is you’re friend. Triple-O will definitely be a big part of the work I’m going to be doing over the next few months with OpenStack. Not only for OpenStack-native work, but hopefully extending out to touch external systems more. Between Heat and Triple-O, I think anyone who enjoys orchestration and automation will be busy building out some proof-of-concept designs.

Make sure that you take a look at all of the videos there on the page, and I hope that you find the content as exciting as I did. Plus, watch as the session are uploaded from Day 2 today, and a full day on Day 3 which will keep your learning funnel full for a while!

Happy Stacking!

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