Udemy Goodness – A Python Quick Start

Part of what makes being a technologist a challenge is finding the right guidance on tools and technology.  There are a lot of resources like blogs and community shared content, and as more education sites pop up, we are also getting the advantage of more shared, freely available content.

I was pointed to Udemy recently for a Python Tutorial which I found to be great.  For those who wanted to get a quick start with learning the basis of Python, you can visit here to see a very nice walkthrough of some core concepts in Python and programming in general.

As you may have seen a lot lately, development skills are quickly moving up the “must-have” list for operations and virtualization admins.  It is no surprise as more content moves towards the concepts of Infrastructure-as-Code, and the further embracement of DevOps concepts by organizations demands new skills across the board.

If you have any free resources that you enjoyed, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Happy Learning!

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