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Udemy Goodness – A Python Quick Start

Part of what makes being a technologist a challenge is finding the right guidance on tools and technology. ┬áThere are a lot of resources like blogs and community shared content, and as more education sites pop up, we are also getting the advantage of more shared, freely available content. I was pointed to Udemy recently for a Python Tutorial which …

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The art of the takeoff: technology blogging for enabling experimentation

In the world of technology, it can never be said that there is a shortage of things to learn. With that said, I wanted to highlight what I find particularly cool about the technology communities and what bloggers can do for the larger audience. Think Globally, Act Locally: Technology Edition You’ve probably heard the phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally” which …

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Get-Started: ii Captain! Using the Invoke-Item CmdLet

A nifty little PowerShell CmdLet to make use of is Invoke-Item, which also has the alias ii. This CmdLet can be used against files, URLs and other documents and items to invoke the default action against them. An example where we would want to use this is where we generate some output into a file such as a .txt file, …