Brace Yourselves, #vDM30in30 is Coming

It’s that time of year again!  We are launching the fun, and challenging #vDM30in30 event to celebrate community and creativity in its finest form.


As you may recall last year, we had our first effort of #vDM30in30 which created an incredible amount of content among all of the participating authors. Here are the basics of it:

  • Anyone can participate
  • 30 posts in 30 days – no specification of when you post, so it can be 5 in a day with 4 rest days 🙂
  • Post to Twitter with #vDM30in30 hashtag so that people can follow along
  • It’s difficult, but super helpful for spurring creativity
  • It’s fun! No, seriously, it is a lot of fun being a part of this
  • Word counts don’t matter
  • Subject is up to you
  • Have fun!!

Follow along on Twitter by using the #vDM30in30

You can Subscribe and follow the Twitter list here:

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