DiscoPosse is Podcasting now with @gcOnDemand

In order to bring some of the real rock stars in the community into a new venue to share information, I’ve started up a new podcast.  In conjunction with the Green Circle Community that I contribute to with Turbonomic, I’m very proud to bring an exiting new open community podcast with GC On-Demand.

Community Focus – All things tech!

GC-On-DemandLogo We will be covering everything in technology and community, across every layer of the stack.  At the point of publishing this, I have already had some community rock stars on automation and more, a leading CEO of an open source company sharing a wealth of great knowledge and some launch news, a fellow technology evangelist, and have some very exciting sessions recorded and ready to go in the coming weeks.

The goal is to bring out the people side of technology ecosystems, and give you more access to learning resources.  I have been very lucky because of the level of access that has been afforded to me in the open community that we have in technology.  This is my chance to share these friendships, stories, and the best of some amazing technologists to the broader community.

For the full show listing and all the details of guests so far, you can visit the home page at http://gcondemand.io which has the individual show notes posted there as each episode becomes available.

You can hear for yourself, and I absolutely encourage and welcome feedback and comments.  You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes as well as in Stitcher using these easy links.



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