AWS Summit Toronto Presentation: Open-source Infrastructure-as-Code with Terraform and AWS

This is the summary post which will cover my Open-source Infrastructure-as-Code with Terraform and AWS presentation that I gave at the AWS Summit in Toronto.  The landing link from my presentation may have brought you here and this post has all the links to the Github repositories, the PDF of the presentation, and also the video of the entire presentation.

Make sure to drop in a comment if you have any questions and want to get connected.  You can set yourself up for Terraform Cloud at 

Video Replay

Here is the video of my session that I recorded based on the presentation at the AWS Summit in Toronto

Presentation File

Here is the presentation which the team at AWS has confirmed can be shared.  Big thanks go to @RossBarich for allowing me to present at the event and to @mistwire for getting me connected with Ross.

Click here to view the PDF file:

Code Links

These are the links to my Github repos used in the presentation examples.  Note that some code is currently static references to some resources which will be made into completely variable-driven resources shortly:

Simple EC2 image using Terraform Cloud:

Classroom example using EC2 from AMI with ALB and TLS:


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