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Podcast Episode 80 – @Clubhouse and Developer Focus with Kurt Schrader (@Kurt) and Mitch Wainer (@MitchWainer)

The team from ( join me to chat about their approach to bringing a developer-focused experience with their platform. This is a great discussion that talks much deeper on how being in what some may view as a crowded market is actually not crowded when you differentiate and provide distinct and focused products. Big thanks to Kurt Schrader ( …

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Podcast Episode 79 – Kickstarting your Business and Ideas with James Olander – @TheRoostStand

James Olander is the founder and designer of The Roost Stand ( which reached an impressive 1MM+ on its Kickstarter campaign. Join us as we discuss the adventures of launching a Kickstarter, the challenges and learnings, and also how to think like a product manager to successfully build your own startup ideas. Listen to the episode here: Listen and …