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PowerShell – Active Directory – Email users with password expiry < 14 days

PowerShell – Active Directory – Email users with password expiry under 14 days This script is handy for users who are not typically on your network (remote access, email only etc…). Normally users are warned at 14 days before expiry unless they are not logging into Active Directory through the workstation in which case they will not receive warnings until …

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Using the chicken to measure IT?

So you are probably wondering what the deal is with the title. It’s simple. Thanks to the late, great Frank Zappa and his movie/soundtrack Uncle Meat I’ve had this saying stuck in my mind for years. Try to think of it as a similar phrase as “yak shaving” “We’re involved in sort of a low key war against apathy. Most of …

The store is open!

Time to add some merchandise to the lineup! I’ve started up my cafepress store at and as I get designs up and rolling I’ll be flogging my wares there.

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Is Flash the new VHS?

We have witnessed many product wars over time. Whether is is hardware, software, brand or process, there is inevitably going to be a division of opinion. More importantly, opinion can often be more powerful and decisive in the product war than fact. Right now there is a heated battle waging in the technology world with the Adobe Flash versus HTML5/CSS3 …