Podcast Episode 185 Emily Jillette on Philanthropy, and Balancing a Life with Purpose

Emily Jillette is a mom of two, wife, producer, and philanthropist. She has been involved in philanthropic work from her home in Las Vegas and continues to be an active local voice and contributor to many important charities and groups. When she’s not busy with producing great film and TV work, she’s also heavily involved in … Read more

Podcast Episode 184 Chris Hull of Otus on Empowering the Educational System with Technology and Effective Product Management

Chris Hull is the Co-Founder and CPO at Otus. Otus is the first edtech platform to centralize learning management, assessment, and data for educators, students, and families. Chris was also named a “20 To Watch” Educational Technology Leader by the National School Boards Association. Our conversation spreads across both the challenges of education, remote teaching, empowering … Read more

Podcast Episode 183 Eric Geier of Puresurance on Innovation, Transparency, Healthcare, and Motivation

Eric Geier is the CEO and founder of Puresurance, advising business owners and entrepreneurs on the implementation of life insurance as a retirement vehicle and custom designed health coverage solutions. Prior to founding Puresurance, Eric had 25 years of experience on Wall Street. Puresurance is helping him to achieve his lifelong goal of helping people … Read more

Podcast Episode 182 Joseph Fung of Uvaro on Changing Lives with Training and Enablement

Joseph Fung is the CEO of Uvaro, a tech sales career accelerator. A graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Computer Engineering program, Joseph’s a five-time technology Founder & CEO, and with multiple successful exits, and speaks frequently on the topics of sales leadership, diversity,and corporate social responsibility. We discuss so many important topics around enabling … Read more