Morpheus Data at Cloud Field Day 17

Hybrid cloud is the new cloud. Well, hybrid cloud is the most likely cloud pattern for enterprise organizations. This is what makes Morpheus Data an especially interesting platform because they effectively led the charge to hybrid cloud management. What do you do today for provisioning and managing resources when you have more than one cloud? … Read more

HYCU and R-Cloud at Cloud Field Day 17

Hybrid cloud up time. How’s that for a great way to create a name, right? HYCU are doing something very cool and it was great to chat with them at Tech Field Day at Cloud Field Day 17. The team has a long history in the industry across a really diverse background, but they all … Read more

Curiosity is the Skill You Should Hire, and Strive For

A resume or CV doesn’t usually tell you the full story. It also doesn’t give the right format for you to effectively tell your story. Why has this become the way that we review candidates or to try to become a potential candidate then? I’m a firm believer that the most important of all the … Read more

It started with a blog…

There are very few opportunities in life that major change presents itself. Maybe it’s actually just that we rarely get to embrace the opportunities. My background as a technologist and systems architect was incredibly fulfilling. I enjoyed going deeper than needed to really understand what made everything tick. I also enjoyed learning from peers about … Read more