Will Automatically Generated Content Kill Your Blog?

The gap between AI-generated content and human-generated content is closing, but the ethical gap (according to Google) is a hard line. According to Google’s John Mueller “Currently, it’s all against the Webmaster Guidelines. So from our point of view, if we were to run across something like that, if the web spam team were to … Read more

Podcast Episode Ep 95 – Aeva (@aevavoom) on Ethics and Bias Challenges in ML/AI and What We Can Do

Aeva (@aevavoom) joins me for a very insightful, thoughtful discussion that covers some very interesting and challenging aspects of tech and society. ¬†We delve into the challenge of bias in data which can influence ML and AI, but more importantly, how we must think about it and how we can mindfully approach ways to deal … Read more

Podcast Episode 75 – The Wonder, Balance, and Ethics of AI with @humamiio founder Barney Loehnis (@barneylo)

Episode 75 – The Wonder, Balance, and Ethics of AI with @humamiio founder Barney Loehnis (@barneylo) PODCAST LINK: http://podcast.discoposse.com/e/ep-75-the-wonder-balance-and-ethics-of-ai-with-humamiio-founder-barney-loehnis-barneylo/ LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE: This exciting and broad conversation taps into the very interesting topic of AI, Human Resources, general AI and societal challenges, and much more. Barney Loehnis is the founder of Humami and … Read more

IBM Innovate Toronto – Event Recap

The merger of AI and business is finally seeing the crowds arrive to share their success stories more at the IBM Innovate event which ended up trending on Twitter as a result of the active attendees. This was an interesting event which I was pleased to be at thanks to the IBM social team (thank … Read more