Podcast Episode 195 Randy Herbertson on Storytelling, Brand, and Identity for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Randy is a recognized brand strategist, conceptor, and creative director with over twenty-five years of marketing and innovation experience in the client, agency and media worlds, from entrepreneurial to corporate environments. We discuss the power and importance of storytelling, the choice of medium (and platform), plus core lessons and fundamentals that every entrepreneur or business … Read more

Podcast Episode 194 Rob Carpenter on Conversational AI, Ethics, and Empowering Humans with Technology

Rob Carpenter is the CEO and Founder of Valyant AI, the first Artificially Intelligent “Digital Employee” to work directly alongside employees in customer facing roles. Valyant’s AI “Holly” works in fast food restaurants to greet customers at the drive-thru post, answer questions and take food orders. The revolutionary nature of this technology is that it … Read more

Podcast Episode 193 Ted Harrington on Being Hackable, Preventing the Personal Hack, and Good Security Practices

Ted Harrington is a best-selling auther of a book called HACKABLE: How to Do Application Security Right, and an Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE). ISE is a company of ethical hackers most commonly known for our work hacking cars, medical devices, web applications, and password managers and they’ve helped hundreds of companies fix … Read more

Podcast Episode 192 Justin Esgar on Growth, Bootstrapping, and Building Your Biz from the App Up

Justin grew up reading computer magazines and built PCs for a living in college. His obsessive curiosity for leveraging technology to advance businesses led him to create the first digital PDF signature tool ‘SignMyPad’ before Adobe and DocuSign came to market. He launched a tech consulting company Virtua Consulting Group which has grown double-digit percentages … Read more