How to Stop Windows Guests from Sleeping and Suspending in VMware Fusion and Workstation

As someone who spends a lot of time in virtual labs, VMware Fusion, VMware Workstation, and VirtualBox are absolute staples to my day-to-day activities. One if the challenges that we run into sometimes is that we have a few things going on at the same time and we let our lab machines relax for a … Read more

C.R.E.A.M. – Cache Rules Everything Around Me – with vagrant-cachier

One of the challenges with using Vagrant and VirtualBox for my labs is that I run download processes over and over again. This is good for testing, but not very good for time and bandwidth usage. When we have really aggressive downloading needs like apt repository files and such, there is something that can really … Read more

Blogging and Productivity on the road

One of the challenges that we have as technologists and bloggers is the ability to find time to blog no keep up with learning while still maintaining a good life balance. I had an article nearly done for today’s #vDM30in30 but this seemed like the ideal time to approach this subject instead. Writing on the … Read more

SDN challenges – “You can keep your networking gear. Period.”

You my recall a statement regarding some big U.S. legislation that led us to the forever quoted phrase: “You can keep your insurance. Period.” that has caused quite a ruckus in the insurance industry both for providers and customers because it was found to be untrue. So just imagine that a similar situation that is … Read more