Time2Start with Boot2Docker

Docker is all the rage these days, or at least some serious conversations around the potential use-cases. In the same way that we saw virtualization become a core part of nearly every data center, the application environment is about to go through an evolution. PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offerings are becoming much more commonly used such as … Read more

The Case for Containers: Why Docker is Coming on Strong

You can’t go too far without seeing the word Docker among technology circles these days. This product/concept/company is getting some significant airtime over the course of the last few months, and there is no sign of that slowing down. So, what exactly is the big deal around Docker? It’s all about the containers. Well, mostly … Read more

Platform9 – Public Cloud Features for Private Cloud Deployments

UPDATE: Platform9 URL updated to¬†http://www.platform9.com and you can also follow them on Twitter @Platform9Sys Something new just arrived on the scene this morning. You may have already seen Platform 9 in the past over at their website: I recently sat down for a presentation and interview with two of the Platform9 co-founders, Sirish Raghuram and … Read more

Do you even stack, bro?

With the announcement of the Cloud Foundry Foundation initiative today, we have some really great things to look forward to in the cloud and virtualization industry. The move was an indication in many ways about the direction in the landscape of infrastructure providers, and it is being driven by a new, agile, adapting consumer market. … Read more