It’s all about Progress: Using the PowerShell Write-Progress CmdLet

If you are like me and you like to know how your task is going in a PowerShell process, this is a great little tip for you. I’ve got a number of long running scripts that perform actions against a collection or query. The ideal thing to have for these is some kind of progress … Read more

The art of the shutdown – A PowerCLI adventure

One of the most talked about processes in VMware environments is the process of shutting down. While we strive to create “always on” systems, the reality is that we will at some point have to shut down a vSphere environment for one reason or another. Whether it is a planned event, or if we have … Read more

Microsoft DNS record updates using PowerShell and DNSCMD

UPDATE TO THIS POST: Hi folks! some of the comments about records that are listed with (same as parent folder) as the name caused me to make an update. I’ve noted the updates in the following post: I have also updated the code below to reflect the new code. ORIGINAL POST: There are occasions … Read more

PowerShell – Listing aged out computer accounts in Active Directory

Do you remember having to use OldCmp.exe ¬†from JoeWare (great tools by the way) to capture a a list of computer accounts which have not been attached to your Active Directory for a period of time. Luckily with PowerShell and Quest ActiveRoles you can do this with a simple two line script. Here’s the code: … Read more