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Why a “cloud” product may not really be a cloud product

In the sea of buzzwords that we are inundated with in IT, none is more popular these days than the word “cloud”. What is important about this word though is that it comes with a very specific meaning that many products and services are missing. I liken it to the word “magic” which in itself is not possible, however the …

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DiscoPosse VMUG Presentation (2012): Admin Scripting, Tips & Tricks

In spring 2012 I was lucky enough to be able to be a presenter at the Toronto VMUG. The presentation I gave was titled Admin Scripting, Tips & Tricks. This is a little blast from the past for me, and anyone who was there for it. The focus of the presentation is bringing some scripting, automation and changing the way …

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Are you a Virtual Design Master?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present an exciting venture which is coming to you this summer. Virtual Design Master is the first technology driven, reality competition which will see 8 competitors giving their all to eliminate their competition and be given the title of Virtual Design Master. The Apprentice for IT It’s being referred to as being like …