DiscoPosse VMUG Presentation (2012): Admin Scripting, Tips & Tricks

In spring 2012 I was lucky enough to be able to be a presenter at the Toronto VMUG. The presentation I gave was titled Admin Scripting, Tips & Tricks. This is a little blast from the past for me, and anyone who was there for it.

The focus of the presentation is bringing some scripting, automation and changing the way that we deal with some of our day-to-day tasks as sysadmins. This is nowhere near the automation level that we are at today, but for many folks this is still the untouched first step towards introducing some more automation into their processes.

I thought it might be a worthwhile read, and although some of the content is verbal, the general concepts are covered in the PDF of the presentation. Hopefully someone will find some use from it.

There should be some more presentations coming out in the next while as I dive deeper into the vCO and Puppet work that I’m doing. I’m very excited to share that info 🙂

Download the PDF copy here: Admin Scripting, Tips & Tricks 



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