vCloud Air – What’s In a Name? A Lot Really.

You may have already seen the news that the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service has been officially renamed this morning to vCloud Air. This will inevitably draw some interesting comments as any name change can do, but there is good reason for what some may refer to ¬†as pure semantics. How Hybrid Was vCloud Hybrid Service … Read more

Do you even private cloud, bro?

An article has gotten some heat this week titled “IT’s Losing Battle Against Cloud Adoption” ( which is spurring lots of conversation regarding the accuracy of the source numbers. While we can’t confirm specific numbers of implementations, it takes only a few Tweet questions and a you will quickly find that there are over 100 … Read more

VMworld – Keynote and Announcements

This is going to be an incredible few days as we wrap together all the information about the keynote and the big announcements that just came out. So let’s talk about what we’ve heard from the morning keynote. vSphere 5.5 The new version of the flagship VMware vSphere ESXi platform is the new version 5.5 … Read more

VMware or OpenStack? Don’t choose one; choose both!

In the ever evolving world of virtualization, we are faced with new and exciting changes all the time. As a long time VMware customer and advocate, I am obviously very attached to the entire VMware ecosystem and the community that surrounds it. Recently I’ve been doing a significant amount of OpenStack work, and I’m even … Read more