Get-Started – The DiscoPosse PowerShell 101 series

With so much focus on PowerShell for systems administrators today, one thing I wanted to do was to bring scripting to the non-scripters. What I have found quite often is that many of today’s new administrators have not had any exposure to shell commands and scripting because they have not had a need to during early training.

This is why I am introducing the DiscoPosse Get-Started series. These posts will be geared towards those who are new to using scripting and the PowerShell language.

Since I have come up from a command line world with DOS and Linux and moved into Microsoft Windows afterwards, the jump back to dabble in the command shell was an easy transition. My goal with this series is to bring that comfortability with the shell to those who are new to it.

PowerShellNearly every task that can be performed in the GUI can be done with a PowerShell CmdLet or script. Even more importantly, some things can be done in the PowerShell console that cannot be done in the GUI.

We are going to start with simple walk throughs with the CmdLets and understanding aspects of the PowerShell language which will ramp up your ability and comfort with the language and its capabilities.

Thank you for coming here to learn, and I hope that you enjoy the Get-Started series!

Get-Started Series Article List (links will be added as new articles are online)

PowerShell 3.0 Series

PowerShell 2.0 Series

  • Getting Help – Using Get-Command and Get-Help (COMING SOON!)

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