Taking on your storage situation with CloudPhysics – new Storage Analytics release!

What’s one of the most common things we see as virtualization admins is the classic performance issues which lead many to say “It must be a problem with the SAN”. The black-box feel of the storage layer can often be a blame destination when there undetermined performance problems.

The CloudPhysics way: Products powered by you!

The team at CloudPhysics is doing something that really makes their offering exciting. They are letting us as customers lead the direction of how the product works. There is a continuous feedback from customers, and the team works very hard to stay ahead of the curve with what the customers are seeking to make their day-to-day virtual data center operations smoother.

Bring the cloud methods inside

Have you ever looked around at your environment for unused VM guests? Maybe not, but just imagine if you were hosting your environment in a public cloud that charged for all powered on guests. This is where the new features will be really cool because you can use the Unused VMs card to see which machines aren’t being used and you can then choose to either remove them or perhaps you will want to just power them down and only bring them online as needed for work or to patch them.

Unused VMs Screen Shot 2014-03-24

The win on this is that you can free up storage that is taking up valuable space or make an informed choice about how to manage that VM resource to get the best performance and utilization out of your data center storage environment.

Don’t let contention get you down

Up to now, I have some of my favorite cards that I tout to readers and my colleagues. Among those is the classic “Snapshots Gone Wild”, the “Cost Calculator for AWS” and the “Cost Calculator for vCHS”. Each is an instant hit for their own reasons, and now I can say that I think I’ve found my new favorite card with the upcoming Datastore Contention v2 card! The Datastore Contention card v2 with the new in-depth view will be a must have IMHO:

Datastore Contention Screen Shot 2014-03-24

Just imagine being able to narrow down performance issues to a targeted VM, and even a specific disk. It’s a more fully transparent view of real utilization with a depth of information that should make your VMware admins smile 🙂

There is a 30 day trial program to give the new Storage Analytics a try which you can get to by clicking the image below:


Head on over to the CloudPhysics blog to read about the upcoming features here: Who’s Minding Your Storage Zoo? Try CloudPhysics New Storage Analytics.



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