Ask the Expert: The Hyperconnected Data Center – My Interview with Yvonne Deir of CoreSite

I am super happy to bring another great BrightTALK interview that I was a part of recently at AWS re:Invent 2019 with CoreSite’s Yvonne Dier, Strategic Director of Sales.  We had a chance to discuss where the hyperconnected data center is headed in 2020 which covers the core challenges (get it…core challenges…zing!) faced by organizations … Read more

Public Cloud Performance – Solving the Problem of Inconsistency-as-a-Service

I don’t often dig into the specific work I do at Turbonomic, but there are some times when I really want to share the powerful stuff that I’ve been able to be a part of.  Some recent stuff came up which really hit home.  As I’m at the start of my first AWS re:Invent in … Read more

Taking on your storage situation with CloudPhysics – new Storage Analytics release!

What’s one of the most common things we see as virtualization admins is the classic performance issues which lead many to say “It must be a problem with the SAN”. The black-box feel of the storage layer can often be a blame destination when there undetermined performance problems. The CloudPhysics way: Products powered by you! … Read more

What do IOPs and Bandwidth have in common?

In an ever evolving world of networking, storage and computing in general, we are being bombarded by information which is meant to lead us towards finding the “best” product or feature that are out there. Vendors are often parading infographics and statistics in front of us to give us the “obvious” benefits of their product … Read more