DiscoPosse Review: Active Directory – Designing, Deploying and Running Active Directory

It was a real pleasure to read the Active Directory – Designing, Deploying, and Running Active Directory by Brian Desmond, Joe Richards, Robbie Allen, Alistair Lowe-Norris from O’Reilly Press. One of the first technology books that I bought was the first edition of the book, so it was a nice throwback to the original by … Read more

Group Policy WMI Filter – Laptop or Desktop Hardware

In a previous article about WMI filters for Group Policy, I identified simple filters to make sure that GPOs will only apply to machines running a specific operating system such as Windows 7. This is helpful for separating workstations based on OS, but one of the most commonly asked for filter is whether the client is … Read more

Remove old Active Directory computer accounts from SCCM

A common issue in IT organizations is that the removal of computer objects is not done regularly. While I’ve presented scripts for removing old computer accounts from Active Directory, I’ve recently had to extend the removal of legacy computers into other systems such as SCCM. Because SCCM dynamically discovers computers, but does not remove them … Read more

Multi-Environment PowerShell console – AD, Exchange and PowerCLI in one happy place!

With the increase in the use of PowerShell as part of an administrator’s toolkit, it can be challening with multiple shells to administer different environments. I prefer using a single, multi-functional console, so what I have done is integrate all of the PowerShell modules into a single console using a simple script. This allows me to use one console … Read more