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Why Badges and Notifications are Killing your Productivity

You have a mission here to prove me wrong 🙂 This blog is about methods to keep attention and increase productivity. The whole read should be less than 6 minutes. Good luck, and I hope you find this helpful! There are a lot of challenges we face on a daily basis. Abundance of information is an incredible value that we …

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VMworld 2018 – vCoffee Community Bean Exchange

Got beans?  Want beans?  Coming to VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas?  Welcome to the #vCoffee Community Bean Exchange group! How does vCoffee Community Bean Exchange Work? Find a local roaster or some of your very favorite beans.  Package up one or two single pound bags and bring them to VMworld with you in Las Vegas.  Everyone who fills out the …

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Productivity Hack: The Email Game

UPDATE 1/10/2019:  The Email Game is no longer supported – see teh following blog for details:  The (email) struggle is real.  At this point, I get between 20-50 emails a day. Which ones are meaningful?  Which ones need to be dealt with today, tomorrow, right now, not at all?!  These are the questions that lead to slowness in my …