PowerShell for Microsoft Exchange Message Tracking

As a Microsoft Exchange 2010 administrator I am often asked to get information about messages that have been sent, received, or that didn’t get to or from their destination. Microsoft provides the Message Tracking tools to be able to do this from the Exchange Management Console in Exchange 2010. In Microsoft Exchange 2003 the Message … Read more

PowerShell – Copy Exchange 2010 Receive Connectors Between Servers

The situation that many Exchange administrators are in, is a simple one. Multiple CAS servers for redundancy and fault tolerance, as well as load balancing either inside the cluster, or on the outside using something like a Citrix Netscaler or F5 device. This is a natural design for Exchange 2010 and provides great functionality and … Read more

Exchange 2010 SP2 and Citrix Netscalers – SSL gotcha

This is a quick note about a real issue that I ran into very recently. With the Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 update there are a number of things to be careful of. With any of the major rollups and service packs, there are often default configuration settings which are re-enabled as a part of the … Read more

Importing, and Updating Exchange 2010 Contacts from CSV

I’ve had a very specific requirement to add a list of external contacts into an internal Microsoft Exchange environment. The goal of this is to integrate an external company’s list of contacts and some key information into the Global Address List with an identifier on each record showing the company name as part of the … Read more