PowerShell – Copy Exchange 2010 Receive Connectors Between Servers

The situation that many Exchange administrators are in, is a simple one. Multiple CAS servers for redundancy and fault tolerance, as well as load balancing either inside the cluster, or on the outside using something like a Citrix Netscaler or F5 device. This is a natural design for Exchange 2010 and provides great functionality and … Read more

Exchange 2010 SP2 and Citrix Netscalers – SSL gotcha

This is a quick note about a real issue that I ran into very recently. With the Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 update there are a number of things to be careful of. With any of the major rollups and service packs, there are often default configuration settings which are re-enabled as a part of the … Read more

Are you sure? Using the -WhatIf and -Confirm parameters in PowerShell

There are 2 very helpful parameters you can apply to many PowerShell CmdLets. These are the –WhatIf and the –Confirm options. There are many cases where you are processing a number of records which you would like to get an idea on how to “test drive” the process on a large chunk of data.  First, by utilizing the –WhatIf parameter … Read more